Welcome to the Day Boys Blog!

Welcome to the Day Boys Blog. Here you will find all the current happenings of Thomas, Noah and Christian (for as fast as we can keep it up). Hope you enjoy your visit!

Splish, Splash, They were taking a bath!

Splish, Splash, They were taking a bath!

What have we been up to...(October 25th)

Sorry it has been a while since our last update. So much is going on. The boys are enjoying school. Thomas had a good first report card. Noah is ready to go back after a 3 week break (he is on the year round schedule, so there are some breaks). We have all been sick over the last week, Noah has been the worst, with Nate a close second. We are in the start of our busy time with football, the holidays and birthdays coming around and we are looking forward to some time off. Early in September we unfortunately had to put our beloved dog, Maggie, to sleep. She became very ill and it was a hard decision, but the best for her. She is now a part of our acreage as Nate dug a 3 foot deep hole out back. The boys go out to see where she is from time to time. We are getting ready to carve pumpkins, dress up for Halloween and have Thomas' birthday party.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

And finally Christian

I guess we don't have that many pictures of Christian either...

Opening Easter basket 2008

At the zoo

At Blackberry Farms by YaYa and Papou

Halloween 2008 costume after the Dinosaur costume didn't stick

Hanging with Allie J at Grandma's house

Cupcake with red icing

Noah Updates

A year of Noah, embarrassingly we have few picture of him, which is surprising because that usually happens to the third child

Making Pancakes wtih Nonnie, Christmas 2008

Cowboy Noah, Children Christmas Play@church

Easter 2009

At the zoo

Giving himself bunny ears, a surprisingly popular activity

Building with marble works

A year's worth of updates!!!!!!

As you may have noticed, Erin and I pretty much stink at updating our site. I have decided to make it our goal to post at least twice per month. May not be fancy, may not be long, but there will be something. Now a year's worth of updates for Thomas

Thomas at Christmas 2008

With legos

Easter 2009

At the zoo

At Conner Prairie with Nonnie during Fall Break

Halloween Jedi

Fighting Noah Vader

On the field after Purdue beat OSU

That gets Thomas caught up to Christmas 2009.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Christian talks!

Although Christian is now 17 months old, he is stills lacking in his vocabulary. He sure understands words and commands. He has been saying mama, papa, and football for about a month or two. He most recently will say shoes, cheese, fruit snacks and no. He definitely knows what he wants and that is where our trouble of communication is beginning. Here is a short video of one of many attempts to film Christian saying football. He was saying it over and over this day in the tub and I finally got some footage.

Happy Birthday Grandpa

In September, Grandpa Dave celebrated his birthday. Noah was bound and determined that he make a cake for Grandpa's birthday. We frosted it and he decorated it. Then we took it to Grandma June and Grandpa Marvin's house while we visited, we ate cake.

Christian and the Yogurt

Christian has mastered feeding himself with a fork and a spoon, although when he gets tired he resorts to his hands. Here is his first time feeding himself yogurt. It was everywhere, but it was fun. We've also determined that with many tries and attempts, both eating and drawing, Christian will be our lefty. I know many people on my side of the family will be excited to Christian shares this trait.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

The garden

Here is the first batch of zucchini and summer squash from our garden. We were able to get 5 batches of zucchini bread out of that one zucchini.